WaterTank crowned as Extreme Ironing Half Marathon Champion

An ex-army officer from Devon has won the inaugural Extreme Ironing Half Marathon challenge in Hastings today. Tom McShane, aka “WaterTank”, saw off competition from 8 other ironists to win a brand new Philips iron by completing the half marathon course in 1 hour 44 minutes, which included ironing 3 items of laundry around the course.

Extreme Ironing Half Marathon Champion - Tom McShane aka "Water Tank"

Extreme Ironing Half Marathon Champion - Tom McShane aka "Water Tank"

The runner up was Chris Stavrinides – known in extreme ironing circles as “Ultraglide” – from Leicester, and was the leading competitor carrying an ironing board for the duration of the 13.1 mile run. He also scored well on his ironing ability, but was slower around the course than WaterTank. Jo Jamieson (“Mrs Steam”) achieved the highest ironing score, with a perfect 30 points for ironing at three stations in Hastings.

The event was in aid of St Michael’s Hospice in Hastings and raised over £4,000 (incorporating Give Aid contribution). The ironists were joined by over 4,000 Hastings Half Marathon runners who, though bemused, offered vocal support and many offers of spare shirts to iron.

Photo gallery:

NameIroning score (max 30)Style Points (max 9)Board score (max 13)Time (nearest 30 secongs)Overall time
Mrs Steam3056.5141.5100
Mrs Hotwire2766.5152112.5


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