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Steam, extreme ironing founderSteamPhil aka Steam is the founder of extreme ironing. He started the sport in 1997, taking it around the world and forming the Extreme Ironing Bureau. In 2002 he was part of the winning team at the Extreme Ironing World Championships in Munich, wrote a book about the experience and appeared on various documentaries about the sport. Steam retired from active extreme ironing in 2004. Now he's back to take on a new challenge: ironing the Hastings Half Marathon.
Mrs SteamA newcomer to the world of extreme ironing, the Hastings Half Marathon will be Mrs Steam's first competitive ironing appearance. Mrs Steam is responsible for the team's training regime and is credited with coaxing Steam out of retirement with a programme of household ironing and yoga.
FeOne of the original members of the Extreme Ironing Bureau, Fe participated in the Team GB4 at the Extreme Ironing World Championships and is known for literally being made of iron.
Cool SilkCool SilkCool Silk got her name from her laid back attitude to the sport: she's simply never ruffled. At the World Championships she was one of the judges and as a non-competitor at the Hastings Half, Cool Silk will be supporting the team at the ironing stations.
UltraglideUltraglide's rugged frame physique is ideally suited to carrying a board for 13.1 miles and he's a favourite for getting around the course in record time - but will he beat extreme ironing founder, Steam?
Hotwire, the Liverpudlian extreme ironistHotwireHotwire is the team's technology expert and is known for his ability to fire up a plugless iron, ready for action in less than 30 seconds. Like many of the rest of the core EIB group, Hotwire has traded his rock climbing boots for running shoes.
Mrs HotwireMrs HotwireMrs Hotwire is new to the world of extreme ironing and, in fact, competitive running. Don't let her inexperience fool you though - she's tipped as a dark horse in the Hastings Half Marathon challenge.
Water TankWater Tank was involved in the very early days of extreme ironing, but left the sport to pursue a career in the army. Now, back on civvy street, his pressing skills are the envy of the rest of Team Steam.
Flex extreme ironingFlexHer name is Yoshimi Flex and she's got a black belt in karate (or so the Flaming Lips song kind of goes). Flex is also arguably the most 'extreme' of the ironists, being a keen rock-climber and martial arts expert. Her ambition is to take the sport into the world of ice climbing.
PlanchitaPlanchitaShe's a hot and spicy little ironist this one - and her name is Planchita. New to the team, so an unknown quantity, but according to the scouts you can expect a passionate Latin performance on the board.

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