Never say never…

In the early ’80s Sean Connery made a dodgy James Bond comeback film called Never Say Never Again - I’m hoping my return to extreme ironing isn’t so badly received.

This weekend Mrs Steam and I were filming the Team Steam promo video in Ashdown Forest with the Hot Under the Collar team. It has been almost 8 years since I last did any actual extreme ironing, so this was a bit of a blast from the past. I can report that extreme ironing is like riding the proverbial bike: taking the wrinkles out of clothes in unusual locations hasn’t changed too much in the last decade and I just picked up where I left off in the States.

The only difference this time is that there’s lots more of an emphasis on running (which you’ll see in the promo video, due out later this month), but we did get time to climb a few trees for some Forest-style extreme ironing, so there was ample opportunity to pop some of the classic moves.

Thanks again to Pam and Dave for their continued support and the pics are credited to Pam too.

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