Hotwire: “Why I couldn’t resist the pull of extreme ironing”

The hardest thing about the Hastings Half Marathon won’t be the running, the hills or the fact we’ll be carrying an ironing board – it’s explaining extreme ironing to friends, colleagues and strangers who have no concept of it whatsoever.

Last year Phil and Jo were meant to run the Manchester 10k in 2011 with us – something we had all been looking forward to for some time. As the date for the 10k got closer, it became clear that Phil’s mum was ill and she sadly passed away a few days before race day. In the weeks that followed, I heard how well St Michael’s Hospice had cared for Brenda and that Phil and his family were very grateful for their support during the time she spent in their care.

Hotwire, the Liverpudlian extreme ironist

Hotwire will be swapping snowboarding boots for running shoes for the Hastings Half Marathon

A few months later, Phil mentioned that he was running the Hastings Half Marathon in aid of the hospice. I had no hesitation in joining him – I had been looking to continue my running and decided this would be my next running goal.  However, a few weeks later, Phil sent me a message about the run saying ‘Ironing board is optional… Speak soon.’ I wasn’t sure what to make of this, until I received an email from ’Steam’ to let me know that Extreme Ironing was back!  I still had no hesitation in joining him.  Steam has been recruiting old extreme ironists to support and run in ‘Team Steam’ in aid of St Michaels Hospice ever since.

So here I am a few weeks before my first half-marathon having to explain to friends and colleagues the concept of extreme ironing again…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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