Extreme Ironing training video

In 1997 a rock climbing decided to iron his mountain of laundry under the sky. He became known as Steam and extreme ironing was born…. Watch the video to see the history of extreme ironing and find out why Steam has come out of retirement to take on a new challenge: extreme ironing the Hastings [...]

The biggest Extreme Ironing highlight?

If you’re wondering what all this extreme ironing business is about, you may be surprised to hear that it’s been around for quite a while (a potted history of extreme ironing is on this site), but there’s one highlight that stands out for Steam: the World Championships in 2002.

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Extreme Ironing at the Hastings Half Marathon – a new kind of challenge

Ironing at a half marathon – how does that work then? Extreme Ironing Founder Steam explains all. You can also read more about the Hastings Lions organised event on the official Hastings Half Marathon website. You can also read the blog post about what the Hastings Half Marathon means to Steam.

The History of Extreme Ironing

Why I am Extreme Ironing for St Michael’s Hospice

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