Hastings Half Marathon Extreme Ironing Start

Hastings Half Marathon Extreme Ironing Race Review

Twenty minutes to go – where is everyone? I’m stood next to the St Michael’s Hospice tent, having just had a general phaff, dropping my bag off and having a loo stop. Pre-race nerves and all that.. I put my rucksack on. It’s got an ironing board attached to the back and spot Stav and [...]

Extreme Ironing Half Marathon Champion - Tom McShane aka "Water Tank"

WaterTank crowned as Extreme Ironing Half Marathon Champion

An ex-army officer from Devon has won the inaugural Extreme Ironing Half Marathon challenge in Hastings today. Tom McShane, aka “WaterTank”, saw off competition from 8 other ironists to win a brand new Philips iron by completing the half marathon course in 1 hour 44 minutes, which included ironing 3 items of laundry around the [...]


Mrs Hotwire and Planchita join Team Steam as countdown to Hastings Half Marathon begins

With five days to go, Team Steam is gearing up for the Hastings Half Marathon Extreme Ironing Challenge. Two more red-hot competitors are confirmed as part of the team: London-based Planchita (left) and Manchester-based Mrs Hotwire (right). Both ironists are new to the sport, but are not content to be also-rans and add an interesting dimension to [...]

Hotwire, the Liverpudlian extreme ironist

Hotwire: “Why I couldn’t resist the pull of extreme ironing”

The hardest thing about the Hastings Half Marathon won’t be the running, the hills or the fact we’ll be carrying an ironing board – it’s explaining extreme ironing to friends, colleagues and strangers who have no concept of it whatsoever. Last year Phil and Jo were meant to run the Manchester 10k in 2011 with [...]

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The biggest Extreme Ironing highlight?

If you’re wondering what all this extreme ironing business is about, you may be surprised to hear that it’s been around for quite a while (a potted history of extreme ironing is on this site), but there’s one highlight that stands out for Steam: the World Championships in 2002.

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Extreme Ironing at the Hastings Half Marathon – a new kind of challenge

Ironing at a half marathon – how does that work then? Extreme Ironing Founder Steam explains all. You can also read more about the Hastings Lions organised event on the official Hastings Half Marathon website. You can also read the blog post about what the Hastings Half Marathon means to Steam.

The History of Extreme Ironing

The start of the Half: picture courtesy of Hastings Half Marathon

What the Hastings Half Marathon means to me

When I was growing up in Hastings, the Half Marathon was already a big date in the calendar. It got loads of coverage in the local paper, the Scouts (which I was a member of) did the water stations and the whole town turned out. In short, it was a big event. Through my young [...]


Fe, Ultraglide and Water Tank join Team Steam

You wouldn’t want to take an ironing board around a half marathon on your own would you? Thankfully, I won’t have to, as extreme ironing stalwarts Fe, Ultraglide and Water Tank have joined Mrs Steam and I in Team Steam. I’m also pleased to see the return of Cool Silk, who will join the support [...]

Mrs Steam ironing on a log

Confessions of an extreme ironing virgin

I have to be honest, I don’t much like ironing. When buying clothes, I tend to check the labels for lycra (much less likely to need pressing before wear) and I’ve never been one to put my hand up to iron my other half’s work shirts (after all, I work too and I don’t see why [...]

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